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Activities at Lomas Creek Country Cottages


Lomas Creek at the foot of the Steenkampsberg pass is a portion of the original farms belonging to the Steenkamp family, who settled there between 1847 and 1851. On the farm is a small stone walled cemetery with family graves.

Also is the original ox wagon pass which meanders up a slope into wattle woods.

This is a excellent walk with marvelous views of the higher peaks not seen from the tarred road.

Lomas Creek is also part of the De Berg Conservancy.

Visitors are welcome at the country pub need to be booked in advance.


Lomas Creek is situated 12ks from the highest peak in Mpumalanga, and can be walked from the guest house.



Archery is becoming increasingly popular as a physical education activity and sport because, by varying the strength of the bow, it can be adapted to the strength of the individual.


It can be enjoyed all seasons of the year and can be practised by individuals, families or larger groups.


The main shooting systems are Point-of-aim and Sight System. Point-of-aim is the system used and is effective over a short distance, ideal for most ages.


All equipment supplied (28 pound re-curves)

Tuition included :

Safety and archery basics.

Duration about 2 hours.

Archery and archery lessons in Mpumalanga at Lomas Creek Country Cottages


Welcome to the world of clay shooting.

This exciting and exhilarating sport has many disciples ; some are now official disciplines in the Olympic games.

Double trap

Olympic trap

Olympic skeet.


The sporting range is the most popular for beginners and the more competent. At Lomas Creek we have three straight forward stations where individuals can practise going away shots, Left to Right and Right to Left.


Introduce yourself to this wonderful and exhilarating sport.


There is a 3 station range for both the novice and the more experienced.


Tuition includes:


  • Introduction to gun safety
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Shooting basics
  • Shot gun and Ammunition
  • clays @ clay operator provided.
Clay pigeon shooting tuition in Mpumalanga at Lomas Creek Country Cottages


There is a Geocache hidden at Lomas Creek.


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.

Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location



High Altitude Mountain Bike Trails

From Lomas Creek cycle up the Steenkamsberg pass to the Nederhorst turnoff (8 k’s) to reach the highest point in Mpumalanga (2250 meters).

Then cycle through the Verloren Valei nature reserve to Dullstroom and return via Tonteldoos for a 70k’s ± workout





The programme is designed to improve team interaction through low demand physical activities.

It also focuses on team support in diverse situations, as well as learning new skills

There is a strong emphasis on the team members having to work closely together with clearly shared objectives.

The Team Building programme is designed to improve team interaction through low demand physical activities.



Come and enjoy some amazing star gazing at Lomas Creek.


With minimal light and air pollution, Lomas Creek boasts a starry sky not seen in the city!


As the seasons change, marvel at the various constellations moving through the heavens.


Orion, Scorpio, The Milky Way, The Southern Cross, Centaur ...

perhaps a shooting star.... perhaps a satellite .... perhaps a meteor ...

Come and enjoy some amazing star gazing at Lomas Creek.



The Steenkampsberg ox wagon trail meanders through the wattle woods and exposes wonderful views over the mountain range. The mountain trail ends right up the mountain


Take a leisurely stroll up the original Steenkampsberg pass and if you feel energetic continue to the Lomas Creek boundary (gate).


This is about a 4km round trip surrounded by wattle woods.


For the serious hiker, cross the boundary and walk over the Steenkampsberg peaks to witness magnificent mountains and valley's

Walking trails at Lomas Creek Country Cottages close to Dullstroom, Roossenekal and Lydenburg



On Lomas Creek there are over 100 species, including :

Bald ibis, Black Korhaan,

Black-eyed Bulbul

Black-throated Canary,

Blue heron

Black shouldered kite

Cape white-eye ...

and many many more


Bird watching Mpumalanga at Lomas Creek Country Cottages
Lomas Creek Country Cottages offers a variety of activities including fly fishing, team building, archery, clay pigeon shooting, mountain biking, walking trails ...
Fly fishing, team building, archery, clay pigeon shooting, mountain biking, walking trails ...
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